Website Launch

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Thanks to everyone who has come to our shows in the past year! It’s been so fantastic getting things going again for Diatessaron after our hiatus, and we truly appreciate your support. Right now we are working on some new material. I personally feel it is our strongest material to date, and am anxious to get into the studio to lay down some new tracks. Our next planned Calgary show is November 8th with Single Coil City at Studio 37, and we hope to have many new songs for you to hear that night. For now, enjoy this brand new website of ours and message a band member if you would like tickets to the November 8th show!



** And a quick word from Simon TJ as well: **
So glad finally to have completed work on this website, Diatessaron’s new home on the World Wide Web. Like Darren, I want to thank anyone reading this for all your support over the years. You made us feel like rock stars from day one, and if someday rock stars we become, we’ll remember everything you’ve done. Right now we’re just so happy to see you at our shows, and we hope the music we send to your ears makes you as glad as it makes us to know you’re listening. Thank you!