Studio Recordings!

Posted by diatessaron on April 29, 2010 Blog | | No comments


Good news, viagra sale everybody! We finally recorded a thing in a professional sort of way. Actually, we finally recorded TWO things. Are you impressed?

We spent a couple of days at NRS studios with the lovely Alan Wall, made a bunch of nerdy music jokes, and cranked out a full recording of our 35-minute prog symphony Monument. Being the hilariously over-prepared bunch that we are, we actually ended up having time to finish recording four extra songs that will be released as a separate EP; a collection of our more straightforward fare to accompany the colossal five movement epic. Hopefully these little darlings will be available before or shortly after I cart all of my personal belongings to Toronto and (temporarily) wave farewell to my Diatessaron brethren. Keep your eyes peeled (what a gross expression!) for release details!