“Cobalt 60 Blue” EP Release

Posted by diatessaron on January 5, 2013 Blog | | No comments


Remember that time I told you we had recorded some new songs? No? Well, sick okay then. It was about a year and a half ago… anyways, purchase they’re finished now. Ready to go. WE ARE RELEASING THEM. In EP format. Again. It seems like we do everything in small portions? One. Word. Sentences.

Okay, enough nonsense. We’re playing an All Ages release show at Calgary’s coolest venue, The Area, on January 18th! Copies of “Cobalt 60 Blue” will be available for purchase, we’ll play the closing set, and Sharks Aren’t Scavengers and Paul van Kampen will open the night. Additional spectacle will be provided by our good friend and Guinness World Record holder (no, seriously) Carisa Hendrix, who will be EATING FIRE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACES, and there will also be artwork on display by the supremely talented Heather Buchanan. This promises to be a really exciting event, and we are so excited to finally put “Cobalt 60 Blue” in your hands.

Happy New Year!